Microinjected Fluorescent Phalloidin in vivo Reveals the F-Actin Dynamics and Assembly in Higher Plant Mitotic Cells

Anne-Catherine Schmit, Anne-Marie Lambert
1990 The Plant Cell  
Endosperm mitotic cells microinjected with fluorescent phalloidin enabled us to follow the in vivo dynamics of the F-actin cytoskeleton. The fluorescent probe immediately bound to plant microfilaments. First, we investigated the active rearrangement of F-actin during chromosome migration, which appeared to be slowed down in the presence of phalloidin. These findings were compared with the actin patterns observed in mitotic cells fixed at different stages. Our second aim was to determine the
more » ... in of the actin filaments that appear at the equator during anaphase-telophase transition. It is not clear whether this F-actin is newly assembled at the end of mitosis and could control plant cytokinesis or whether it corresponds to a passive redistribution of broken polymers in response to microtubule dynamics. We microinjected the same cells twice, first in metaphase with rhodamine-phalloidin and then in late anaphase with fluorescein isothiocyanate-phalloidin. This technique enabled us to visualize two F-actin populations that are not co-localized, suggesting that actin is newly assembled during cell plate development. These in vivo data shed new light on the role of actin in plant mitosis and cytokinesis. Plant Cell A C Schmit and A M Lambert higher plant mitotic cells. Microinjected fluorescent phalloidin in vivo reveals the F-actin dynamics and assembly in This information is current as of July 5, 2017
doi:10.2307/3868925 pmid:2136631 fatcat:yqmkj7r5szgfti3xgjemlo6ikm