Tracking Foucault: the Relationship between Discourse and Power/Knowledge

Cristian ZAGAN
2015 Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences  
Discourse is today a dynamic key concept in various social sciences and humanities disciplines. Most of them relate the notion of discourse to Foucault's earlier works. There are mainly two reasons explaining this phenomenon. Firstly, this is due to the popularity of Michel Foucault and his works. Secondly, the notion of discourse is susceptible to a high degree of conceptual flexibility, that can be used to fill up some explanatory gaps where needed. Because of the diversity of meanings and
more » ... of meanings and with it, the confusion which the notion of discourse brings, a first approach aims at locating the technical definition given by Foucault. The second goal is to identify some of the meanings given to this term that refers to Foucault's work. Lastly, a short analysis will follow to determine the relationship between discourse and power/knowledge and what it entails.
doi:10.18662/lumenphs.2015.0301.02 fatcat:un7otoygezgytozjewzczy57ie