The Individual and the Organizational Model of Quantum Decision-Making and Learning (MQDM&L): An Introduction and the application of the Quadruple Loop Learning [post]

Meir Russ
2021 unpublished
The new Post Accelerating Data and Knowledge Online Society, or ‘Padkos’ requires a new model of decision making. This introductory paper proposes a model where decision making and learning are a single symbiotic process, incorporating man and machine, as well as the AADD (ánthrōpos, apparatus, decider, doctrina) diamond model of individual and organizational decision-making and learning processes. The learning is incorporated by using a newly proposed quadruple loop learning
more » ... model. This model allows for controlled changes of identity, the process of creating and the sense making of new mental models and assumption, and reflections. The model also incorporates the recently proposed model of quantum decision-making, where time collapse of the opted past and the anticipated future (explicitly including its time horizon) into the present play a key role in the process, leveraging decision-making and learning by human as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The paper closes with conclusions.
doi:10.20944/preprints202103.0667.v1 fatcat:lzbfe6x27fhbnjssmwnekdq32m