Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Yellowing of Ancient Paper

A. Mosca Conte, O. Pulci, R. Del Sole, A. Knapik, J. Bagniuk, J. Lojewska, L. Teodonio, M. Missori
2012 e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology  
Paper is the most widely used writing support due to the remarkable properties of its principal componentcellulose -one of the most abundant biomaterials present on Earth. However, due to the complexity of the material, an exhaustive picture of its degradation pathways is still missing. In this paper, we will present recent results and progresses obtained in the comprehension of the role of cellulose oxidation in the yellowing of ancient paper. Visible and ultraviolet spectra of cellulose in
more » ... ient paper samples and reference modern samples artificially aged have been interpreted with the aid of ab-initio Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory calculations. Through the comparison of measured and calculated absorption spectra, several oxidized forms of cellulose polymers, acting as chromophores, and responsible for ancient paper yellowing were identified. The relative concentration of ketones and aldehydic groups depends on the environmental conditions in which samples were stored along their life.
doi:10.1380/ejssnt.2012.569 fatcat:iif2ralu3rh77b3c4zow6dpixu