Study on Different Treatment Ways of Slider Joint for Solid-webbed Telescopic Jib

Gening Xu, Xiaojun Han, Bin Zuo, Mingliang Yang, Qing Dong, D. Mingxing, X. Guosheng
2015 MATEC Web of Conferences  
According to greater distortion of local stress calculated in the slider joint for solid-webbed telescopic jib caused by previous simplified way, this paper puts forward to 3 u 2 kinds of different treatment ways: three kinds of ways dealing with fixed junction surfaces namely the coplanar way, MPC Algorithm and node coupling, two kinds of ways dealing with the corresponding sliding contact surfaces such as linear node coupling and contact nonlinear analysis. Regard the structure of
more » ... ture of solid-webbed telescopic jib with elliptical cross section as research object; analyze its feasibility and rationality of six kinds of treatment ways comparatively combining results by means of FEA software ANSYS and strength calculation theory in the overlapping and non-overlapping zones on simplification basis of the actual conditions of jib. It is found that the model's FEA results with the coplanar way in the fixed junction surfaces occur serious distortion phenomenon through the whole analysis and comparison, which the degree of distortion reaches 354.5%, indicating that this treatment way has failed; The FEA results of model which sliding contact surfaces are disposed of contact nonlinear analysis are greater than the results of model which sliding contact surfaces are disposed of linear node coupling, there is no stress concentration phenomenon in this kind of treatment way, the simulation results are safer than before, and it is more consistent with the actual contact condition. Due to the contact analysis is a kind of nonlinear analysis behaviour which needs more computer resource. Therefore, the actual calculation results can be obtained more actually and economically if the node coupling is adapted to the slider joint while computer resource is nervous.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20153102005 fatcat:yopztnyckngfror6v6xpkiitbu