Legal framework for the use of assisted reproductive technology in Poland

Michał Stec¹, Sadowska², Piotr Wójcik¹, Wdowiak², Dr Wdowiak, Ul Staszica, Lublin Wdowiakartur@
2014 Varia European Journal of Medical Technologies   unpublished
To summarize these considerations should be noted the indispensability of detailed statutory regulation issues ART techniques. The existing legal solutions are superficial and inadequate. This causes a lot of problems not only to be confronted with the disease of infertility, but most of all doctors who perform ART. What more regulation in this regard requests the Polish EU. Treatments legislation must have regard to standardize medical practice and prohibit activities that in the opinion of
more » ... legislature agree on the value of human life which is. The future legal regulation should resolve issues determine the conditions and symptoms for the use of ART techniques, medical duties and sanctions for their failure, and the establishment of centers authorized, in which the techniques discussed can be applied. An important issue is also to regulate the legal status of the human embryo. In addition, the legislature must decide in which direction they will go different legal solutions, bearing in mind that they have an impact on the effectiveness of ART techniques. Restrictive solutions introduced in some countries under the banner of respect for human dignity brought negative consequences for the effectiveness of treatment, the incidence of complications, limitations in the availability of certain services and benefits as well as discrimination against individuals and groups.