Change of Polyamide by Heating at High Temperature

Yoshiro Matsuda, Hiroshi Marusawa, Kiyoshi Cyuzyo, Kozo Sakakibara
1960 Kobunshi Kagaku  
The change of molecular weight by heating was reported in the previous paper for polyamide. This phenomenon is treated kinetically for 6-nylon in this paper. Occurence of both polymerization and depolymerization seems to be the cause of this phenomenon. Both reactions are separated, using several experimental data, and change of number of molecules by polymerization is calculated against time. It becomes clear that this polymerization reaction is the second order for number of unreacted
more » ... s and the activation energy of this reaction is computed as 12.7 kcal/mol form change of rate constant with temperature. Some suppositions, are made for mechanism of polymerization. * Research Laboratory , Dai-Nippon Celluloid Co. Sakai, Osaka)
doi:10.1295/koron1944.17.413 fatcat:p5jsjaz4trapvg62cekettb5qa