TITLE OF THE THESIS: Strategies for developing the aerobic effort capacity in athletics running events at children level

Raţă Gloria, Candidate Gorgan, Carmina Mihaela
Introduction The child has physiological and psychological characteristics which make him different from an adult. In order to plan and to make effectively a training plan for children, we should consider the specific physiological and psychological characteristics for each age, and also the individual particularities. According to the latest research in the field, the maximum consumption of oxygen resistance per kg, can develop under optimum conditions, from the age of 10 years old. At the age
more » ... of 10-12 years old "rather quickly is reached a maximum oxygen consumption of 60 ml / kg, depending on the genetic peculiarities of each child, and further the progress is very slow and is correlated to the dimensional factors changes of the body and with the cardio respiratory functional capacity " 1. "Children have a low cardiac output (amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute), a small capacity of the oxygen transport in the blood and VO2 max is also low. However, the indices for children practicing sport are obviously better than of those children who do not practice sport, which demonstrates a certain adaptation to the training process. Also is worth mentioning the fact that puberty boy model presents a better resistance than puberty girl model, partly because towards the end of puberty, girls have a VO2 max of 10%-15% lower than boys. We can explain this difference by the fact that VO2 max is often closely related to body weight, more developed muscular system and lower amount of body fat, feature prevalent in boys" 2. On the average "boys are better by 10%-20% in physical resistance activities than girls. However VO2 max improves both in boys and girls before puberty due to training and increasing the size of the lungs, heart and muscular system" 3. In this research we intend to capitalize on the wealth of informational literature and present strategies for developing aerobic capacity in children in the running events. Aerobic capacity is a critical factor influencing a future career in athletics. At the same time endurance sport increase exercise capacity, being the most effective alternative, as a measure to improve health and this effort capacity should be improved since childhood.