Rocket measurements of O2 atmospheric (0-0) and OH meinel bands in the night airglow

Motoharu TAKANO, Takashi WATANABE, Masatoshi NAKAMURA
1990 Journal of geomagnetism and geoelectricity  
O 2(0-0) atmospheric and OH Meinel bands in the night airglow have been simultaneously measured using multi-color rocket-borne photometers in midlatitude. Atomic oxygen densities have been deduced from O2 airglow intensity profiles and the direct and two-step excitation mechanisms for the O2 airglow have been examined. The obtained atomic oxygen densities agree with in-situ measurements. The altitude profiles of the observed OH(8-3), (7-3) and (6-2) bands are reproduced by calculation using
more » ... ulated atomic oxygen density profiles. It is clearly demonstrated that time-to-time variations of the altitude profile of atomic oxygen is basically important for the change of the OH altitude profile. The quenching rate of OH by O has been estimated to be small,
doi:10.5636/jgg.42.1193 fatcat:3gfi43n3p5fsnjzp5ej3gdu3zq