Octahedral tilts and electronic correlations inLa7∕8Sr1∕8MnO3

J. Geck, P. Wochner, S. Kiele, P. Reutler, A. Revcolevschi, B. Büchner
2007 Physical Review B  
We present a resonant x-ray scattering study of the octahedral tilt order between 50K and 310K in La_7/8Sr_1/8MnO_3. At the La L_II-edge the resonant (300) reflection probes cooperative tilts of the MnO_6-octahedra in this material, as verified by a model caclulation as well as a LDA+U study. The investigation of the octahedral tilts as a function of temperature and the comparison to the lattice parameters, the magnetization and the superlattice reflections related to charge and/or orbital
more » ... and/or orbital order reveal an intimate coupling between electronic and tilt degrees of freedom in La_7/8Sr_1/8MnO_3.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.75.014405 fatcat:6oj5uhw2vncc7gkxgt6bi5j6ye