Evaluation of Value for Hydrogen Release from High-level Liquid Waste,(IV). Hydrogen Release Rate for .GAMMA.-Ray Radiolysis of Simulated Purex Waste Solutions
高レベル廃液からの放射線分解発生水素量の評価,(IV) 模擬高レベル廃液のγ線分解発生水素量

Naotaka NAKAGIRI, Teijiro MIYATA
1997 Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan  
The rates of hydrogen release from simulated high-level liquid waste (SHLLW) during irradiation of 60Co γ-rays have been studied using a laboratory-scale apparatus. The SHLLW used was made up of 28 different metal elements, the concentrations of which were determined from a computed data (ORIGEN-2) for a Purex spent fuel (burn-up of 4.5GWd/t, cooling time of 4 years) except for those of corrosion products (Fe, Cr and Ni) and of chemical process additive (P). The nitrate ion concentration of the
more » ... SHLLW was 4.97M. The G-value of hydrogen release was 0.0164 for stirred conditions, but for nonstirred conditions with dose rate: 2.8kGy/h and with the SHLLW solution height more than 8cm, the following relation was found between the G-value and the solution height (dcm); G(H2)=0.100d-1.6 The G-values of oxygen and nitrogen releases were also determined.
doi:10.3327/jaesj.39.1062 fatcat:oisrinvjlrb5jhlaphwjzkvzoq