A Multilingual Datasets Repository of the Hadith Content

Ahsan Mahmood, Hikmat Ullah, Fawaz K., Muhammad Ramzan, Mahwish Ilyas
2018 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Knowledge extraction from unstructured data is a challenging research problem in research domain of Natural Language Processing (NLP). It requires complex NLP tasks like entity extraction and Information Extraction (IE), but one of the most challenging tasks is to extract all the required entities of data in the form of structured format so that data analysis can be applied. Our focus is to explain how the data is extracted in the form of datasets or conventional database so that further text
more » ... d data analysis can be carried out. This paper presents a framework for Hadith data extraction from the Hadith authentic sources. Hadith is the collection of sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad, who is the last holy prophet according to Islamic teachings. This paper discusses the preparation of the dataset repository and highlights issues in the relevant research domain. The research problem and their solutions of data extraction, preprocessing and data analysis are elaborated. The results have been evaluated using the standard performance evaluation measures. The dataset is available in multiple languages, multiple formats and is available free of cost for research purposes.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2018.090224 fatcat:nt2rb3ga55c4dni26f4obl7c6e