A justification of the choice of parameters for the picking reel tooth on a lowbush blueberry harvester

Margus Arak, Olga Liivapuu, V.V. Maksarov, Jüri Olt
2021 Agronomy Research  
The functional working tool on the blueberry harvester is its rotating picking reel. Its working element is the picking rake which is attached to the picking reel. A total of four rakes are attached to the picking reel. A picking rake includes an axis which is attached in an articulated manner between the reel's end discs, and pin-shaped teeth which are rigidly attached to it. The picking rake's tooth must be made of a fully flexible material to prevent damage to the blueberry plant. The aim of
more » ... this research was to determine the flexure of test specimens (plastic rods) which have been constructed from a fully flexible material of different conditions, along with the suitability for use of such flexible material as the teeth on the picking rake. As a result of this study, it became clear that, based on the results from flexure, durability, and residual deformation tests, it is more expedient to choose Ertacetal C (POM-C) as the material for the picking reel's tooth, with a diameter of 4.3 mm.
doi:10.15159/ar.21.133 fatcat:w7aqkbbqdjcc7hjniqcptcgr6y