Alicja Puszkarewicz, Jadwiga Kaleta, Adam Piech
2009 Environment Protection Engineering   unpublished
Laboratory research into the treatment technology of ground water from the Huta Komorowska water intake was carried out. The water is drawn for drinking purposes. The results of research were used in order to improve water conditioning technology for the existing water treatment plant. This new technology is based on two stages of filtration. A water to be treated contains various forms of iron which forms chelates with humus compounds. They have to be removed in a contact coagulation process.
more » ... n the first stage of filtration, raw water was passed through a triplex filter consisting of aquacleanit-support layer, quartz sand-proper layer and anthracite-surface layer. Coagulant SAX-18 (sodium aluminate) at the dose of 2 mg Al/dm 3 proved to be most effective in reducing colour intensity, turbidity, iron content, oxygen demand and absorbance. It also increased pH, hence the water alkalinity, which made it less aggressive. In the frame of the second filtration stage, the filter with chemical active mass (Defeman) was used. The water in the first and second stages was filtered at the rate of 7.5 m/h.