Detection of moving object using KOF method

B Reddy, B Rao, B Kiran Kumar
The detection of moving object is important in many tasks, such as video surveillance and moving object tracking. Although there are some methods for the moving object detection, it is still a challenging area. In this paper, a new method which combines the Kirsch operator with the Optical Flow method (KOF) is proposed. On the one hand, the Kirsch operator is used to compute the contour of the objects in the video. On the other hand, the Optical Flow method is adopted to establish the motion
more » ... tor field for the video sequence. Then the Otsu method is implemented after the Optical Flow method in order to distinguish the moving object and the background clearly. Finally the contour information fuses the information of motion vector field to label the moving objects in the video sequences. The experiment results prove that the proposed method is effective for the moving objects detection.