Integration of Technology Enriched Games with Classical Teaching Instruments for the Development of Technical Communication Competencies

Ioan Cristian Mustața, Ioana Mustața
2018 Journal of ICT Design Engineering and Technological Science  
Communication competencies in the ield of technical communication form a complex network of professional communication competencies, containing, on the one hand, general communication competencies, as well as speci ic competencies linked to the ield of technical communication. The development of such comeptencies represents a challenge for teachers as well as for professional trainers on the one hand, and the students and trainees on the other hand. The paper is addressing the issue of
more » ... g technical communication competencies, analyzing the competencies involved in a structured way and then proposing some enriched technology games as innovative instruments to be used by teachers and trainers together with the classical teaching instruments. For this purpose, classical teaching instruments are analyzed in order to identify their strengths and their weaknesses when used to develop technical communication competencies. Then innovative complementary instruments -in this case technology-enriched games -are identi ied and con igured with the aim of addressing exactly the weak point of classical instruments in a better way. The aim of these technology-enriched games is not to replace classical teaching instruments, but to be integrated as complementary instruments alongside them. This way the paper aims to identify a balanced mix of technology-enriched games and classical teaching instruments that is well-suited for the ef icient development of technical communication competencies by students or trainees.
doi:10.33150/jitdets-2.2.2 fatcat:uyhdbs6py5arpijpwtv5lgefp4