1835 The Lancet  
The surgeons of La Charité are M. Roux and M. GuERBOis, a military surgeon, who has been lately appointed to the vacancy left by the death of BoYER. M. Roux, one of the professors of clinical surgery to the faculty, is considered one of the best operators in the French capital, though, from some reason or I other, his patients generally die. We cannot say from experience that the after treatment of M. Roux is decidedly bad, but he operates on many patients who have been considered unfit by
more » ... dered unfit by Baron Du-PUYTREN at the Hotel Dieu. M. Roux prefers the method of continued extension to that of position in cases of fracture, as employed at the Hotel Dieu, and he invariably extracts the cataract; he is peculiarly famous for the dexterity with which he performs this latter operation; indeed we saw him extract nineteen lenses at one sitting, and left the amphitheatre when six more cases remained for operation. M. Roux has improved surgery by his methods of uniting the divided palate and ruptured perineum. In the first of these operations, which he has performed now sixty-four times, he has been peculiarly fortunate. We have said that operations I are much more frequent at La Charite than at the Hotel Dieu, considering the number of patients. Thus, in the year 1822, when the number of surgical cases amounted only to 800, there were,-amputations, 44; cataracts, 43 ; fistula in ano, p2 ; strangulated hernia, 14; lithotomy, 14. The physicians of La Charite are, MM. FOUQUIER, LERMINIER, RuLLJER, and RAYER. M. FOUQUIER, one of the clinical professors of medicine to the faculty though little known by his writings, enjoys a high practical reputation; unlike the other professors, he gives his clinique at the bed-side of the patient. Though, in some measure, a believer in the Bpous-SAIN doctrines, M. FOUQUIER teaches the existence of essential fevers ; he was one of the first to try and recommend the use of nux vomica in paralysis, and he has also made some interesting experiments on the action of urea on the urinary system. M. RAYER, author of a work on diseases of the skin, is about to produce a new work on the same subject, accompanied by a series of plates, illustrating the whole of these diseases. HOPITAL ST. LOUIS. This hospital, situated at the extremity of the faubourg du Temple, was founded under Henri IV. It is destined exclusively to the reception of patients affected with skin diseases, scrofula, and rheumatism. The number of patients admitted during the year is about 6000; but, in addition, there is a kind of dispensary attached to the hospital, where external patients receive advice, medicine, and tickets for baths and fumigations. The treatment of tinea is exclusively confided here, as in the other hospitals of Paris, to the brothers MAnoN. and the number of external patients anectea wltn tne disease amounts yearly to 8000. The hospital contains 72 baths, 15 large apparatuses for fumigating, and a large chamber containing vapour-baths, &c. The main part of the treatment at this hospital consists in the administration of baths, and fumigation with various substances : thus, during the year 1833, there were given to the house patients, baths, 5141; fumigations, 8882; douches, 4515. Total, 18,539. For the dispensary patients, baths, 43,760; fumigations, 37,118; douches, 1726. Total, 82,604. The mortality of this hospital is naturally feeble, being about 1 in 16. The average duration of treatment is 60 days. The surgical part contains 186 beds, distributEd between M.RICIIERaND, author of the physiology, M. JoBERT, and M. GERDY, who was lately elected by concours as professor of surgical pathology. The physicians are, MM. EMERY, ALIBERT, i LUGOL, BIETT, and MANRY. The head physician, M. ALIBERT, pro-, fessor of materia medica to the faculty, , has a ward of 65 beds, containing the female patients. During summer he lectures on diseases of the skin every Wed-1 nesday at ten o'clock, and shows a great variety of most interesting cases. His magnificent plates on skin diseases are well known to every one, but, unfortunately, are too dear for most pupils. 3 M. LUGOL has 82 beds, containing the , scrofulous patients, where his peculiar treatment may be observed. 3 M. BrETT also gives a clinique on skin 3 diseases: he has the male patients, atuount. s ing to 112.
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