Investigation of Polyetherimide Melt-Extruded Fibers Modified by Carbon Nanoparticles

Elena Ivan'kova, Gleb Vaganov, Andrey Didenko, Elena Popova, Vladimir Elokhovskiy, Alexander Bugrov, Valentin Svetlichnyi, Igor Kasatkin, Vladimir Yudin
2021 Materials  
The fibers based on thermoplastic partially crystalline polyetherimide R-BAPB modified by vapor grown carbon nanofibers (VGCF) were prepared by melt extrusion, exposed to orientational drawing, and crystallized. All of the samples were examined by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray scattering, and differential scanning calorimetry to study how the carbon nanofiller influences on the internal structure and crystallization behavior of the obtained R-BAPB fibers. The mechanical properties of the
more » ... omposite R-BAPB fibers were also determined. It was found that VGCF nanoparticles introduced into R-BAPB polyimide can act as a nucleating agent that leads, in turn, to significant changes in the composite fibers morphology as well as thermal and mechanical characteristics. VGCF are able to improve an orientation degree of the R-BAPB macromolecules along the fiber direction, accelerate crystallization rate of the polymer, and enhance the fiber stability during crystallization process.
doi:10.3390/ma14237251 pmid:34885406 fatcat:tkgdajjthvca7mazrqrizy53sm