Evidence of a Flux‐Rope Model for Corona Mass Ejections Based on Observations of the Limb Prominence Eruption on 2002 January 4

Vasyl B. Yurchyshyn
2002 Astrophysical Journal  
We report on a prominence eruption as seen in Kanzelhö he Solar Observatory H images, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) EUV Imaging Telescope (EIT) 195 Å images, and coronal SOHO Large Angle Spectrometric Coronograph C2 images. Our data favor the flux-rope model for coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which suggests that a flux rope is formed long before the eruption. Our conclusion is based on a three-part structure of the pre-erupted configuration of the magnetic field and on the fact that
more » ... nd on the fact that the first H, SOHO EIT 195 Å brightenings occurred some 15 minutes after the filament began to ascend. The data also clearly demonstrate two rarely observed components of the standard flare model: (1) magnetic loops that overlay the pre-erupted filament and (2) magnetic field lines stretched vertically by the ascending filament. These field lines are compressed horizontally and move toward each other where they reconnect to form an apparently growing post-flare loop system.
doi:10.1086/341628 fatcat:qgqyk54ihzhppe6kmoirkip7ea