Patients' knowledge of umbilical cord blood banking

Jordan H Perlow
2006 Journal of reproductive medicine  
To determine patients' knowledge of umbilical cord blood banking (UCBB). A questionnaire was administered. Part 1 queried issues of familiarity with the term UCBB. Those patients with any awareness of UCBB were provided with part 2, asking more detailed questions that assessed knowledge. Four hundred twenty-five patients completed the survey; 37% had no knowledge of UCBB. Older patients and those with higher degrees of education were more aware of UCBB, and the greatest disparity of knowledge
more » ... rity of knowledge was noted among Native American patients (p < 0.001). Of patients indicating familiarity with UCBB, 2.6% felt "extremely knowledgeable," while 74% felt "minimally informed." Fifty percent of the patients were misinformed that UCBB was only for "the child that I will deliver." Seventy-one percent of patients were not planning UCBB, with "expense" and "insufficient knowledge" as the primary reasons cited. Only 14% of patients were educated about UCBB by their nurse or obstetrician, although 90% of patients expected their obstetrician to answer their questions on UCBB. Patients are poorly informed about UCBB, especially ethnic minorities, younger patients and those with lesser degrees of education. Few patients receive UCBB education from health care providers, yet most patients expect their obstetrician to be able to answer questions on UCBB. Lack of knowledge and expense remain barriers to UCBB. Opportunities to educate patients and obstetric providers on UCBB should be pursued.
pmid:16967635 fatcat:b3re622fd5aghpvyulgf2fckoy