Effect of Lysozyme Treatment on Quality and Bacterial Contamination of Chilled Chicken Legs

Jacek Kijowski, Celina Marciszewska, Renata Cegielska-Radziejewska, Anna Popiół
2013 Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy  
The effect of spraying lysozyme solutions of varying activity on microbiological stability and organoleptic features of chicken legs with skin was investigated. Lysozyme was applied at concentrations ranging from 3,000 to 48,000 U/mL. The effect of storage time at 4oC on the total aerobic bacterial count, coli titre, occurrence of enterococci, anaerobic spore forming bacilli, and pathogenic staphylococci was analysed along with the examination of sensory quality attributes. The investigations
more » ... owed that the addition of lysozyme resulted in a considerable inhibition of growth of the initial aerobic bacterial counts and a limitation of disadvantageous organoleptic changes during cold storage of the legs. The lysozyme solution with the activity of 48,000 U/mL caused a 20-fold reduction in the initial aerobic bacterial count. Sensory examination showed that samples subjected to the action of lysozyme and stored for 120 h under cold storage conditions did not differ qualitatively from fresh legs. The obtained results revealed that lysozyme might be an effective agent extending shelf-life of portioned poultry meat.
doi:10.2478/bvip-2013-0015 fatcat:iapq6zuwwrc5zolmzym6gwvt3y