Characterization and production testing of a quad 12 bit 40 Ms/sec A/D converter with automatic digital range selection for calorimetry [article]

A Marchioro, S Bonacini, Kostas Kloukinas
The AD41240 is a custom made 12-bit 40 MSPS, quadchannel, radiation tolerant analog-to-digital converter for the front-end readout electronics of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL) and the CMS Preshower detectors. The A/D converter features a special digital circuitry to allow automatic selection of gain ranges when it is used with a multi gain pre-amplifier. This paper describes the design architecture of the A/D converter as well as the characterization methodology that has been
more » ... ed to access its performance. It presents also the production testing procedures carried out on a specially designed testbench capable to perform full DC and dynamic tests on packaged parts in about 12 seconds per chip. A total number of 100,000 components will need to be tested. Cumulative results are reported on yield and performance based on data acquired during the production testing of 70,000 components.
doi:10.5170/cern-2005-011.241 fatcat:xrsc6zrhtzf3lkurdla7arpm2y