Experiences in Using CFX software to solve CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Problems

Derrick D. Lee, Chun L. Huang
2002 GSW Proceedings   unpublished
This paper will discuss how engineers can solve computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems by CFX software. This will introduce the extensive software packages of computational fluid dynamics that allow engineers to construct a geometry and boundary conditions to stimulate a given viscous-flow problem to the software of CFX. CFD is extremely effective software for engineers. The software of computational fluid dynamics grids the flow region and attempts to compute the flow properties at each
more » ... id element. Mesh generation and gridding are more refined in modern of CFD. Also, the objective of this system is to show how CFX can solve problems with the interest of potential flow. CFD is the modern digital computer software that can be programmed for the numerical potential flow over hulls of ships, submarines, yachts, and sailboats driven by potential and turbulence flow. CFX will help the computational fluid dynamics software become more accurate at solving the problems dealing with the simulation of impeller and diffusers. The computations used in turbulence formulations are called the k-€ model, popular in commercial CFD codes. The software of CFX will help the CFD have a more qualitative approach in predicting velocity and pressure. The general topic of CFD is essentially for advanced study or professional practice. Engineers can now take advantage of the CFD commercial codes. Also, the CFD program deals with a direct model called the tridiagonal matrix algorithm (TDMA). Flow diagrams, general problems, and typical examples will be included in this paper.
doi:10.18260/1-2-620-38799 fatcat:qdzegab53javrg4wdk7nltomhi