Research on the Construction of Emergency Network Public Opinion Emotional Dictionary Based on Emotional Feature Extraction Algorithm

Fang Hui
2022 Frontiers in Psychology  
How to strengthen emergency management and improve the ability to prevent and respond to emergencies is an important part of building a harmonious socialist society. This paper proposes a domain emotion dictionary construction method for network public opinion analysis of public emergencies. Using the advantages of corpus and semantic knowledge base, this paper extracts the seed words based on the large-scale network public opinion corpus and combined with the existing emotion dictionary,
more » ... the word vector through the word2vec model in deep learning, expands the emotion words, and obtains the candidate emotion words according to the semantic similarity calculation, So as to generate a domain emotion dictionary. The accuracy rate of emotion discrimination by the emotion dictionary constructed in this paper is 0.86, the recall rate is 0.92. Through the verification of accuracy and recall rate, the construction method proposed in this paper has good accuracy and reliability. Because of the great differences in different experiences and situations of different groups, there will be great differences in views and perspectives on the same event. The key to prevent the public from blindly following the crowd should be to reach groups close to emotional distance, and targeted prevention and control of public opinion can be conducted according to different characteristics of different groups.
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2022.857769 pmid:35529545 pmcid:PMC9072777 fatcat:flsnyg2zsbgdvnbfjugjqctcza