An Examination on Various Measurement and Evaluation Methods Used in Online Distance Education

2013 Turkish Studies  
Dependence of the formal education on the time and place, limitation in the number of the lecturers and the compulsory schooling necessitate the use of technology in educational services. Distance education, due to the properties of traditional education is an alternative education system in order to realize the lifelong learning and to increase the educational level of people. Various methods are used to assess learning outcomes in the face-to-face and online courses, but there are some
more » ... ere are some differences between them. These differences should be considered during online measurement and evaluation processes. In this study, we aimed to conduct a comprehensive literature review on measurement and evaluation methods used in distance learning implementations. We think that introducing various measurement and evaluation methods and systematically posing their advantages and disadvantages can fill an important gap in terms of the institutions that open online programs and online instructors who work in these institutions. The importance of using the technology for educational purposes and to make individuals gain the learning proficiencies has increased considerably with the development of technology. These two situations reveal the need for different approaches, from teaching strategies to techniques, from planning to evaluation. In online education, continuous assessment is important in terms of feedback, control of the learning speed which vary from student to student and learning quality obtained from the evaluation process the different measurement and evaluation methods/approaches to be presented during this study is intended to establish a foundation in their work towards examined that different measurement and evaluation methods/approaches.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.4271 fatcat:j3w45r6nhnbqhe5cjvprf6yyma