Solid state slit camera (SSC) onboard MAXI

Masashi Kimura, Hiroshi Tsunemi, Hiroshi Tomida, Haruyoshi Katayama, Monique Arnaud, Stephen S. Murray, Tadayuki Takahashi
2010 Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2010: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray  
Solid-state Slit Camera (SSC) is an X-ray camera onboard the MAXI mission of the International Space Station. Two sets of SSC sensors view X-ray sky using charge-coupled devices (CCDs) in 0.5-12 keV band. The total area for the X-ray detection is about 200 cm 2 which is the largest among the missions of X-ray astronomy. The energy resolution at the CCD temperature of −70 • C is 145 eV in full width at the half maximum (FWHM) at 5.9 keV, and the field of view is 1 • .5 (FWHM) × 90 • for each
more » ... × 90 • for each sensor. The SSC could make a whole-sky image with the energy resolution good enough to resolve line emissions, and monitor the whole-sky at the energy band of < 2 keV for the first time in these decades.
doi:10.1117/12.856220 fatcat:ngl7rihqfvcjfluzzm2ltnzihm