A proposal for a precision test of the standard model by neutrino-electron scattering (Large /hacek C/erenkov Detector Project) [report]

R.C. Allen, X-Q. Lu, K. Gollwitzer, G.J. Igo, E. Gulmez, C. Whitten, G. VanDalen, J. Layter, Sun Yui Fung, B.C. Shen
1988 unpublished
A precision measurement of neutrino-electron elastic scattering from a beam stop neutrino source at LAMPF is proposed. The total error in sin 2 #w is estimated to be ±0.89%. The experiment also will be sensitive to neutrino oscillations and supernova-neutrino bursts, and should set improved limits on the neutrino-charge radius and magnetic-dipole moment. The detector consists of a 2.5-million-gallon tank of water with approximately 14,000 photomultiplier tubes lining the surfaces of the tank.
more » ... aces of the tank. Neutrino-electron scattering events will be observed from the Cerenkov radiation emitted by the electrons in the water.
doi:10.2172/5098162 fatcat:pfyb6ukdkvch3odfhi5u2dxiaa