Reciprocal Teaching in Fostering Listening Skills among Secondary Level Students

Venkat Maithri, Dr .P. Suresh
Reciprocal teaching strategy is a cognitive strategy employed in fostering the learners' reading comprehension skills. This paper explores the effectiveness of the strategy by far referring to the various researches done by various researchers and justifies why reciprocal teaching strategies are useful tools to enhance the listening skills of learners. The paper also focuses on various contemporary pedagogic theories that this strategy concurs with thus proving itself to be an effective
more » ... n effective strategy that can be employed in classrooms. To conclude the paper sheds light on the importance of listening skills and how reciprocal teaching strategies can not only be used to enhance the higher-order thinking skills of the learners but also to subsequently engage learners in a meaningful and active conversation thus improving their speaking skills. The paper invariably discusses the significance of active learning and its role in bolstering the language skills of the learners.
doi:10.24113/ijellh.v8i7.10694 fatcat:24lz5mjuf5guffw5jogeexdaly