Mesh Wi-Fi Networks [chapter]

E. Patiniotakis, St. Perdikouris, G. Agapiou, I. Chochliouros, K. Voudouris, E. Dimitriadou, I. Fraimis, A. Ioannou
Wireless Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living and Healthcare  
智慧家庭专栏 家庭 Wi-Fi mesh 组网技术 徐龙杰,郭宁,郭涛,韩建亭 (中国电信股份有限公司上海研究院,上海 200122) 摘 要:Wi-Fi mesh 是一种适用于大面积或复杂户型的 Wi-Fi 自组网解决方案,为用户提供全覆盖、自切换、 易安装的优质无线网络。Wi-Fi mesh 具备自组网、自管理、自修复和自平衡等诸多优点,但现有 Wi-Fi mesh 产品实现方案存在标准不统一、实现复杂、终端能力要求高、无法互通的问题。首先讨论了现有家庭网络中 多热点 AP 协同工作的实现情况,接着对当前 Wi-Fi mesh 主流技术进行了分析,重点探讨了家庭 Wi-Fi mesh 的技术方案和对比。进而面向家庭应用场景,为运营商提出了一种模块化、易实现、终端能力需求低且互通 性好的 Wi-Fi mesh 技术实现方案。 关键词:Wi-Fi;mesh;自组网;家庭网络 中图分类号:TP393 文献标识码:A Abstract: Wi-Fi mesh is a kind of suitable for large or complex home wireless
more » ... nizing network solution. It can provide users with full coverage, self-handoff and easy installation of high-quality wireless network. Wi-Fi mesh has many advantages, such as self-organizing, self-management, self-repair and self-balance. But the existing Wi-Fi mesh product implementation scheme is not uniform, complex, high terminal capability requirement and unable to interoperate. The realization of multi AP collaborative work in home network was firstly discussed, then the main current technology development of Wi-Fi mesh was analyzed, and the technical scheme and comparative analysis of home Wi-Fi mesh was focused on. Then, aiming at home application scenario, a Wi-Fi mesh technology implementation scheme for operators was presented, which was modularized, easy to realize, with low terminal capability requirement and good interoperability.
doi:10.4018/978-1-61520-805-0.ch005 fatcat:76lrtqalrzdivbl6xgnpvyhbv4