Peacekeeping and Social Conflict in Somalia: the Case of Amisom-African Union Mission in Somalia

2019 Evropejskij Issledovatelʹ  
This paper aims to explain the causes of the social conflict in Somalia and highlighted the factors contributing to the instability. The study also analysis the different peacekeeping missions in Somalia focusing on the various phases of peacekeeping operations. Although, special consideration is given to the challenges facing African union's mission in Somalia (AMISOM). The country has been playground for different political actors, each one of them tries to maintain and engage the conflict of
more » ... age the conflict of the country one way or the other with varying interests. The study explains social-conflict theories to give understandable picture of what actually went wrong in Somalia. furthermore, the impact of external actors on peace and stability are discussed. Achieving stability in Somalia is not an easy task, therefore, requires both domestic and international efforts to easy the situation and bring sustainable peace in the country.
doi:10.13187/er.2019.4.223 fatcat:fd2pj7nsjbghlhasoyyqvlizxm