List of talks

1985 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
indicates that the paper is included in this volume. BELAGA E.G. (France): Nonlinear lower bounds to circuits complexity. BOZZINI M., DE TISI F. and LENARDUZZI L. (Italy): Reduced set of leads for electrocardiography, maintaining significant information. BULTHEEL A. and VAN BAREL M. (Belgium): Pad6 techniques for model reduction in linear system theory: a survey. CALMET J. and COHEN I. (U.S.A.): Identification of recurrence relations in a computer algebra system. CALUWAERTS R. (Belgium): An
more » ... matic procedure for the calculation of bifurcation points of integral equations. CENSOR Y. (Israel): Iterative data refinement-a computational tool for solving problems with deficient data. CHAWLA M.M. (India): Superstable two-step methods for the numerical integration of general second order initial-value problems. CHEN T.-S., Lu W.-T. and CHANG H.-C. (Taiwan): Symbolic solution for partial differential equation by associative approach. CUYT A. (Belgium): A review of multivariate Pad6 approximation. DARGAHI-NOUBARY G.R. (Iran): A procedure for estimation of the upper bound for earthquake magnitudes. DELLWO D.R. and FRIEDMAN M.B. (U.S.A.): Accelerated spectral analysis of compact operators. DE MEY G. (Belgium): The auxiliary boundary element method for time dependent problems. DE SITTER J. (Belgium): Use of fast Fourier techniques for the approximate calculation of some singular Fourier integrals. DICK E. (Belgium): A multigrid technique for steady Euler equations, based on a conservative relaxation scheme.
doi:10.1016/0377-0427(85)90003-2 fatcat:fzodha5wmzainl37dzusulyoje