COVID-19 vaccination guidelines for patients with multiple sclerosis

N. V. Khachanova, N. A. Totolyan, Ya. V. Vlasov, S. A. Sivertseva, M. V. Davydovskaya, E. P. Evdoshenko, A. P. Prodeus, M. N. Zakharova, N. N. Spirin, A. N. Boyko
2021 Nevrologiâ, Nejropsihiatriâ, Psihosomatika  
The opinion of Russian experts on the possibility of COVID-19 vaccination in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) is presented. The authors of the consensus, based on an analysis of a large number of domestic and foreign guidelines, conclude that it is possible to use killed and inactivated vaccines. Preliminary recommendations are given for COVID-19 vaccination, taking into account the MS disease modifying therapies.
doi:10.14412/2074-2711-2021-2-157-161 doaj:160bfabe4e594d8393af8e0708c38546 fatcat:qsaxdarryjgeneeyrz3gxl6nmu