Geographies of temporary markets: an anatomy of the Canton Fair

Harald Bathelt, Pengfei Li, Yi-wen Zhu
2017 European Planning Studies  
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more » ... references) Abstract (ca. 120 words): While recent research on temporary clusters and temporary markets has emphasized the knowledge generation processes associated with trade fairs, little is known about the knowledge exchanges that are embedded in market relations at these events. This paper uses the case of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the largest trade fair in China, to illustrate that such events do not operate as a single market but that they generate multiple dynamic market configurations, which entail different flows of knowledge, goods and people. In a typical case study, four types of market configurations are identified that simultaneously develop at this event. The findings contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of market relations, knowledge and transactions in temporary spatial settings.
doi:10.1080/09654313.2017.1327034 fatcat:slxcl7maqrbddlvfaaau3si6fy