A Bio-Inspired Defensive Rumor Confinement Strategy in Online Social Networks

Santhoshkumar Srinivasan, Dhinesh Babu L. D.
2021 Journal of Organizational and End User Computing  
Online social networks (OSNs) are used to connect people and propagate information around the globe. Along with information propagation, rumors also penetrate across the OSNs in a massive order. Controlling the rumor propagation is utmost important to reduce the damage it causes to society. Educating the individual participants of OSNs is one of the effective ways to control the rumor faster. To educate people in OSNs, this paper proposes a defensive rumor control approach that spreads
more » ... at spreads anti-rumors by the inspiration from the immunization strategies of social insects. In this approach, a new information propagation model is defined to study the defensive nature of true information against rumors. Then, an anti-rumor propagation method with a set of influential spreaders is employed to defend against the rumor. The proposed approach is compared with the existing rumor containment approaches and the results indicate that the proposed approach works well in controlling the rumors.
doi:10.4018/joeuc.2021010103 fatcat:bpd7o6vdcjgjpmpmjnldbq3bvq