Peran Kelompok Nelayan di Kawasan Pantai Padang, Sumatera Barat

Dia Ayuni Merisya, Lucky Zamzami, Syahrizal
2020 Zenodo  
This research aims to understand the role of a fisher group as a forum for fishers to study, work together and also as a production unit and business unit, as well as the influence of fishing groups in tourism development. Research conducted in Pantai Padang, this type of research is qualitative research. Techniques used in the study are observation techniques, interviews, and documentation. There are three groups of fishermen in Pantai Padang. In this research, just focus on one group, Purus
more » ... one group, Purus fishermen group 1. Purus fishing group 1 has a gathering point to quite far from the dove of peace pigeon; this monument is one of the famous objects in the tourist area in Pantai Padang. Because of its location far from the tourist attraction, The Purus fishermen group is quieter compared to the gathering point of other fishing groups. This group can be said to have no direct role in the development of attraction Pantai Padang. This fishing group has twenty-seven members. Purus 1 fishing group is a fishing group that focuses on fishing. The seaside area in the Purus 1 fishermen area is also not as good as the seashore used as a tourist spot. The driving force why the Purus fishermen group does not have too much role in the development of tourism. However, the fishermen group has a significant influence on each member. Member helps one another and work together in fishing. So, those fishers who do not have gasoline as capital for the sea, he can still get money from the result of helping or cooperating with other members.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3604116 fatcat:nci4t77fwjbxrcuv3ptgmnqjsm