FAQs for Grantees: Project Management CONTACT INFORMATION

Sharon Elstein, Victoria Martin, Alisa Santucci, Research Associate, Molly Hicks, Grants Administrator
Whom should we contact if we have questions and how should we contact them? If you have a question relating to your grant please email cctv@staff.abanet.org. From there, your message will be sent to the appropriate staff member. If you wish to reach someone by phone please call (202) 442-3431. Our staff includes: If we are finished with the grant before the 18-month grant period is over, do we have to continue submitting reports? Yes. You must continue to submit Progress Reports over the
more » ... h period and be available for a site visit, if you are selected. What if personnel mentioned in our application are no longer working on the project? Personnel changes should not affect the status of your grant. Please notify us in the Quarterly Progress Report's "Other" section about changes in your organization that may affect the implementation of the grant. If we are currently receiving funds from the CCTV/Recording Technology Program are we eligible to submit an application in a new grant cycle? Yes, current grantees may apply for new funding. The dates for upcoming funding rounds will be posted on the website once they are known. What if we need an extension to our grant? Please contact the ABA, so we may review the specifics of your request. What if we need more money than our grant allows? Please contact the ABA, so we may review the specifics of your request. In the contract it states that we must receive three bids for our equipment purchase; what if there are fewer than 3 vendors in our area for the type of equipment we need?