Role of Previous Adenovirus Infection and Its Association with IFN-α in Occurrence of Celiac Disease in Iraqi Patients

Hashim Raheem Tarish
2016 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Celiac disease (CD) is a chronic small intestinal immune-mediated enteropathy precipitated by exposure to dietary gluten in genetically predisposed individuals, many environmental triggering factors are suggested to participate in its pathogenesis, Several studies were struggled to establish the association between some microbial infections and CD development, some of these studies were suggested an association between adenovirus infections and CD development, but this association still un
more » ... ation still un confirmed yet, so that, this study aims to evaluate the role of previous adenovirus infections and its association with IFN-α in occurrence of celiac disease. Sample of 80 Iraqi celiac patients has been chosen from all suspected patients who attending to Al-Suder-Medical center during the period of April 2015 to November 2015, also 80 healthy individuals (control) were included in this study, all patients were undergo blood investigations for anti-adenovirus IgG ,AGA-IgA, AGA-IgG, tTG-IgA, tTG-IgG and IFNα tests. Results showed no significant difference in levels of anti-adenovirus IgG in celiac patients compared to healthy group, p >0.05 and there is no significant correlation between IFN-α and antiadenovirus IgG in celiac patients, P > 0.05. Alsono significant correlation between anti-adenovirus IgG and AGA-IgA,P > 0.05 and no significant correlation between anti-adenovirus IgG and AGA-IgG, P > 0.05, andno significant correlation between anti-adenovirus IgG and tTg-IgG, P > 0.05. In other hand, there is significant correlation between anti-adenovirusIgG and tTg-IgA, P < 0.01.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v4i4.58 fatcat:bvkaqyurznb6zeza3ghk5q6use