E. O. Kulichenko, O. A. Andreeva, E. O. Sergeeva, S. S. Sigareva, A. Yu. Terekhov, E. T. Oganesyan, S. Yu. Sidorskaya
2022 Farmaciâ i Farmakologiâ (Pâtigorsk)  
The aim of the study is to determine antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic activities of the extracts from Cosmos bipinnatus Cav. three varieties, obtained by the extraction with 70% ethyl alcohol.Materials and methods. The antioxidant effect was studied in vitro using a model of iron-induced lipid peroxidation in the lecithin liposome system. The study of the anti-inflammatory activity was carried out on 30 male rats of the "Wistar" line. Diclofenac was used as a reference drug (p.
more » ... ., the dose of 13 mg/kg in terms of the weight of an adult). The substances were administered to animals in the form of an aqueous suspension stabilized with Tween-80. To simulate the inflammatory process, a model of "cotton granuloma" was created. A hypolipidemic activity of the extracts was studied on 36 white male rats of the "Wistar" line. To study the hypolipidemic activity of the studied extracts, a tween model was used to create a hyperlipidemic state in rats, the concentrations of total cholesterol and triglycerides was determined in the serum of the experimental animals.Results. The conducted model experiments made it possible to conclude that the alcohol extracts obtained from the dried inflorescences of the "Dazzler", "Rosea" and "Purity" varieties of Cosmos bipinnatus Cav. have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic kinds of activities. It has been established that the extracts from the "Dazzler" and "Rosea" varieties (Cosmos bipinnatus Cav.) contribute to a better reduction in the accumulation of peroxide compounds, compared to the extract obtained from the "Purity" variety. The data analysis on the anti-inflammatory activity shows that all the studied objects significantly (p = 0.05) reduce the stage of exudation compared with the control group animals by 50% (the «Purity» variety), by 52% (the «Rosea» variety) and by 40% (the "Dazzler" variety).An experiment on the study of a hypolipidemic activity in the control group of the animals revealed a significant, in relation to the values of the intact group, increase in the cholesterol level of the blood serum by 78%, and in the level of triglycerides (TGCs) – by 64%.The administration of the extracts obtained from Cosmos bipinnatus Cav. "Purity", "Rosea", "Dazzler" varieties to the animals, led to a decrease in cholesterol in blood serum by 44%, 47%, 50%, and triglycerides by 52%, 52% and 57%, respectively. Both indicators reached the normal level and did not differ significantly from the values in healthy (intact) animals.Conclusion. According to the conducted studies, it can be concluded that alcohol extracts obtained from Cоsmos bipinnatus Cav., have pronounced antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic kinds of effect.
doi:10.19163/2307-9266-2022-10-1-82-92 fatcat:watudbma2zeqxbfzr7mxqvhd2e