Investigation of Fire Effects on Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Soil in Golandaz Dehbekri Rangeland

Saed Shahrokhi, Sarduo, Reza Bagheri, Hamzeh Ahmadi, Fatemeh Mahdavi
2012 Journal of Rangeland Science   unpublished
Awareness of the effects of fire on various aspects of an ecosystem after the fire, is important for range management. Changes in soil physical and chemical properties caused by fire can be the cause of changes in the vegetation. In this study, effects of fire on physical and chemical characteristics of soil were investigated. This research was carried out in a randomized block design method in the Golandaz rangeland of Bam. The variables in two treatment sites (with firing and without fire
more » ... nd without fire treatment) were organic carbon, nitrate, phosphor, potassium, EC, pH, percentage of sand, silt and clay, and soil structure. The results showed that absorbed potassium, silt, nitrate, organic carbon, EC, and pH are increased in fired site comparing to control site. Other elements including clay content, absorbed potassium, phosphorus, EC, and pH in fire site were not significantly different from control site.