The use of glucan-containing grain materials in the technology of foam-like pastries

К. Iorgachova, O. Makarova, O. Kotuzaki, K. Avetisіan
2018 Harčova Nauka ì Tehnologìâ  
This article shows the prospects of using glucan-containing cereal grain materials in the production of baked goods. The results of the research are presented of how oat and barley flours and the method and stage of adding them effect on the quality of foam-like dough and semi-finished sponge-cakes. During the research, these types of flour were introduced at two stages: while churning the mixture of sugar and eggs, after wetting them and replacing part of the mélange (15%, 25%, 35%) with
more » ... water mixtures with the equivalent amount of dry substance, and while making the dough (mixed with 25%, 50%, and 75% of wheat flour). It has been determined that replacing mélange with oat and barley flour-water mixtures results in an increase in the viscosity of the dough due to the increased content of starch polysaccharides in it, which helps stabilize its structure, and allows obtaining dough with the required moisture and density. It has been demonstrated that replacing up to 25% of mélange with these types of flour mixes is followed by increased porosity of the sponge cakes. The specific volume of the samples with 15% of mélange replaced with the oat flour-water, and 25% with the barley flour-water mixture increased by 5–7% on average compared to the control sample. In the further research, to increase significantly the nutritional value of baked goods, these mixtures, besides being used to replace the mélange, were also introduced at the stage of making the dough (mixed with wheat flour). It has been established that the high quality of sponge cakes (determined by their porosity and specific volume) is achieved in the presence of up to 50% of oat or barley flour in the mixture.
doi:10.15673/fst.v12i3.1042 fatcat:pjvnyxxgrrbzvfrexr3aseljeu