Two-Feature Voiced/Unvoiced Classifier Using Wavelet Transform

A. E. Mahdi, E. Jafer
2008 Open Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal  
This paper proposes a new wavelet-based algorithm for voice/unvoiced classification of speech segments. The classification process is based on: 1) statistical analysis of the energy-frequency distribution of the speech signal using wavelet transform, and 2) estimation of the short-time zero-crossing rate of the signal. First, the ratio of the average energy in the low-frequency wavelet subbands to that of highest-frequency wavelet subband is computed for each time segment of the pre-emphasised
more » ... the pre-emphasised speech using a 4-level dyadic wavelet transform, and compared to a pre-determined threshold. This is followed by measuring the zerocrossing rate of the segment and comparing it to a threshold determined by a continually up-dated value of the median of the zero-crossing rates of the speech signal. An experimentally verified criterion based on the results of the above two comparison processes is then applied to obtain the classification decision. The performance of the algorithm has been evaluated on speech data taken from the TIMIT database, and is shown to yield high classification accuracy and robustness to additive noise.
doi:10.2174/1874129000802010008 fatcat:axotc7fxunfmtnubjgbax5xw5i