Shafakhat Abdullaeva
2020 Pedagogy of the formation of a creative person in higher and secondary schools  
This article discusses some of the problems of a positive attitude. The aim of the article is to study the influence of the environment on the positive reality of man. Research methods. In the process of research, the author applied such methods as the survey method, the method of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the method of psychological abstraction. The scientific novelty of the article is expressed in the fact that during the analysis it was concluded that children become an object
more » ... become an object of culture from birth. Since, in the process of socialization, the child learns other scenarios from his cultural environment. 1 170 students aged 17-22 years were interviewed. The statistical data obtained during the survey was analyzed. After calculating all percentages and calculations, the results are presented in special tables. The degree of dependence between the main indicators was also investigated. The results were used by the SPSS program. Results. First of all, this article examined the theoretical foundations of positive psychology and the ways of its development. The works of M. Seligman, M. Chilsmanmally, B. Deiner, B. Fredrickson, R. Levenson, K. Tepperwein, A. Elizabeth, R. Ryan, D. Kahneman and other authors were also mentioned. A positive attitude is analyzed in the field of positive psychology and it is indicated that the study of the positive characteristics of human nature and especially the study of their formation was associated with the purposeful formation of a positive attitude in people. It is noted that a positive attitude is of great importance in the process of a positive understanding of the world. It is indicated that positive psychology explains a stable, long-lasting level of happiness through heredity, life situation and factors that depend on a person. Conclusions. In conclusion, the author notes that it is impossible to change heredity, but it is possible to change the life situation and the factors that depend on them. In addition, this article describes the concept of a life situation, which is explained on the basis of Wilson's research, and Martin Seligman's critical thoughts about a life situation. By advancing faith in the Creator (God) as an internal factor, the author expresses his point of view. Moreover, the answers were compared and subjected to correlation analysis.
doi:10.32840/1992-5786.2020.68-1.8 fatcat:lo6rvpbyxnex3josa22iorrm74