Role of Power Electronics in Smart Grid

Jainy Bhatnagar, Vikramaditya Dave, P Student
2017 ISSN   unpublished
Smart grid is an electrical grid which is capable of performing basic functions of an electric grid, i.e. generation, transmission, distribution and control of electricity and it uses digital communications technology to detect local changes and behave accordingly. Since last hundreds of years the basic structure of electrical power grid has undergone little change. The problems associated with this system are becoming more and more prominent. In today's world where need for electric power is
more » ... electric power is never ending the load on existing grid is increasing and these grids are becoming less and less compatible with the needs and demands of today's world. Today we need smarter grids which can provide sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. These smart grids are highly reliable and environment friendly. In this paper the roles and applications of power electronics in smart grids is discussed.