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1907 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
~ 18. Prize of 920 for II full investigation of the nverngo degree of tendering brought itbout in cotton ynrn of vnrious qunlitics by ( a ) Cross dyeing witli iicid colours ; nnd (6) Dycing Aniline Black, with tlic object of fising stnndiirds for the tmde. 19. Prizc of 92.0 for n priicticnl nwtliod of cnuning kenips, wlicn )resent in ynrn or piecc goods. to tnke t.lie dyestuff equelly uitli the iiccoinpanyin wool. 20. Prize of €10 for n priicticnl nict'ioci of tlycing full slinden of biisic
more » ... 11r4 on rotton, fnst to rubbing. 21. Prize of €10 for the iiiost scitisfnctory nletliotl of using forinic iicitl on II priictiriil scillc. I I R II substitute for Iiydrochloric or otlier ncitls. in dyeing cotton piecc goods or yarns nn iigctl Aniline Uliwk. The Zaiprial Cdlrge of Scietrce and Techdoqy. Times, July 2, 1907.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000261406 fatcat:lc56l7elzfcprancjjltssf5mq