Characterizing Ammonia Emissions from Swine Farms in Eastern North Carolina: Part 1—Conventional Lagoon and Spray Technology for Waste Treatment

Viney P. Aneja, S. Pal Arya, D.-S. Kim, Ian C. Rumsey, H.L. Arkinson, H. Semunegus, K.S. Bajwa, D.A. Dickey, L.A. Stefanski, L. Todd, K. Mottus, W.P. Robarge (+1 others)
2008 Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association  
Ammonia (NH 3 ) fluxes from waste treatment lagoons and barns at two conventional swine farms in eastern North Carolina were measured. The waste treatment lagoon data were analyzed to elucidate the temporal (seasonal and diurnal) variability and to derive regression relationships between NH 3 flux and lagoon temperature, pH and ammonium content of the lagoon, and the most relevant meteorological parameters. NH 3 fluxes were measured at various sampling locations on the lagoons by a flowthrough
more » ... ynamic chamber system interfaced to an environmentally controlled mobile laboratory. Two sets of
doi:10.3155/1047-3289.58.9.1130 pmid:18817106 fatcat:mzhnrnqwazf4nm3u3dywhgvogu