Dynamic Scheduling for Prevention of Jobs Starvation in Cloud Computing

Shivani Pathak, Sumit Rana
2015 International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology (IJSRET)   unpublished
In the past few years, cloud computing has emerged as an enabling technology and it has been increasingly adopted in many areas including science and engineering not to mention business due to its inherent flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness. With the rapid development of cloud computing, many companies and departments introduce cloud computing to support their business. The clouds have changed the patterns of traditional way of using the software and infrastructures. The
more » ... can rapidly complete some business and reduce a lot of cost by using clouds. Cloud computing, a new kind of computing model, is coming. This word is a new word that appears at the fourth season, 2007. It is an extend of changing with the need, that is to say the manufacturer provide relevant hardware, software and service according to the need that users put forward. With the rapid development of the Internet, user's requirement is realized through the Internet, different from changing with the need. In fact cloud computing is an extend of grid computing, distributed computing, and parallel computing. Its foreground is to provide secure, quick, convenient data storage and net computing service centered by internet. The presented work is about to define cloud based simulation system so that the effective scheduling will be performed. Author has to define a new scheduling algorithm such that it will remove the drawback of earlier resource allocation algorithm and give the enhancement in terms of obtained output. The work includes the concept to change the priority of the process dynamically so that the starvation condition can be resolved. To avoid this, parametric criteria will be setup so that the decision regarding the priority change will be taken.