Identification of a breast cancer-specific gene, BCSG1, by direct differential cDNA sequencing

H Ji, Y E Liu, T Jia, M Wang, J Liu, G Xiao, B K Joseph, C Rosen, Y E Shi
1997 Cancer Research  
A high-throughput direct-differential cDNA sequencing approach was employed to identify genes differentially expressed in normal breast as compared with breast cancer. Approximately 6000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from cDNA libraries of normal breast and breast carcinoma were selected randomly and subjected to EST-sequencing analysis. The relative expression levels of more than 2000 unique EST groups were quantitatively compared in normal versus cancerous breast. Of many putative
more » ... lly expressed genes, a breast cancer-specific gene, BCSGC1, which was expressed in high abundance in a breast cancer cDNA library but scarcely in a normal breast cDNA library, was identified as a putative breast cancer marker. In situ hybridization analysis demonstrated stage-specific BCSG1 expression as follows: BCSG1 was undetectable in normal or benign breast lesions, showed partial expression in ductal carcinoma in situ, but was expressed at an extremely high level in advanced infiltrating breast cancer. The predicted amino acid sequence of BCSG1 gene has a significant sequence homology to the non-amyloid beta protein fragment of the Alzheimer's disease amyloid protein. BCSG1 overexpression may indicate breast cancer malignant progression from benign breast or in situ carcinoma to the highly infiltrating carcinoma.
pmid:9044857 fatcat:nqvqyf7ovvbuzi37vyfeucafke