Reactions of the toluene-insoluble, pyridine-soluble fraction of Illinois No. 6 coal [report]

F.R. Mayo, D.H. Buchanan, L.A. Pavelka
1979 unpublished
DISCLAIMER N a l h the Un'w Stne Gwrnnrnl mr my sposy theeot, no+ arm of thar wwwar, mmny mmnnclal pradun, pecea. or m i c e by tnds nm, md.rmrk. msnuhcntnr. or -, ma nor nocsrslrllv mnntturs or lmplv Ita andonmsnt, nxommsnd&ion, or faorlnp by Iha U n W I l l i n o i s No. 6 coal was extracted with pyridfne a t 100° and t h e toluene-insoluble, pyridine-soluble (TIPS) f r a c t i o n of the e x t r a c t was used a s a model fox the 84% of insoluble coal. Various TIPS f r a c t i o n s had
more » ... t i o n s had number-average molecular weights (Q) i n pyridine of 980 t o 1380 but w e r e insoluble o r only p a r t l y soluble in most other solvents. Elemental and ' K and "C NMR analyses fndfcate an H/C r a t i o of only 1.3 i n the a l i p h a t i c portions of t h e TXPS molecules. The TIPS f r a c t i o n was treated with a v a r i e t y of reagents and t h e i r a b i l i t f e s t o cleave e t h e r and ester bonds wexe measured by decreases i n zi: ZnC12> LiI-H20> ZnBr27 pyridine-HI 7 methyl iodide) benzy1amine)alcoholic KOH>toluene sulfonic acid, Evidence f o r e s t e r groups comes from saponification equivalents and t h e e f f e c t s of alcoholic KOH and amines on &. H I appears t o cleave a11 t h e 'bonds t h a t Na cleaves and more, suggesting t h a t there a r e few diary1 e t h e r bonds and more phenyl a l k y l and benzyl ether than dialkyl ether bonds.
doi:10.2172/6099030 fatcat:k5xb2qxowfh27nide6si2c4sn4