A Concise Review of Energy Management Strategies for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

Bassey Etim Nyong-Bassey
2022 European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research  
In this work, relevant literature with regards to energy management strategies was reviewed and discussed. The energy management strategies were grouped into forecast/historical, heuristic logic, ANN-fuzzy logic, and reinforcement learning (machine learning) based methods. From the literature, it is clear that energy management strategies are imperative if the optimal operation of hybrid energy storage systems and assets is to adequately counteract uncertainty due to intermittent renewable
more » ... y sources. The Reinforcement learning-based algorithm which uses an agent-based approach to optimally control the system offers an optimal solution for energy management.
doi:10.24018/ejeng.2022.7.3.2815 fatcat:hbjv3xf2yzdqberuik5cqcahry