Public health services and their relationship with rapid HIV test utilization and access for key populations in Morelos, Mexico

Silvia Magali Cuadra-Hernández, Jesús Israel Bernabé-Aranda, Carlos Jesús Conde-Glez, Mario Salvador Sánchez-Domínguez, Doris Verónica Ortega-Altamirano
Salud Pública de México  
In 2009, 4 749 rapid HIV tests were run in Morelos, Mexico, despite lacking evidence on their results. This article seeks to analyze how public health organization relates to utility of rapid HIV test among healthcare users. Joint study: comparison of differences in applied test and positive results for each group with the Bonferroni statistical tool, observational study in 34 health subsystems, and 11 interviews with public healthcare users. Each subsystem processes influenced the use and
more » ... ed the use and usefulness of screening; for instance, primary care centers test only pregnant women and exclude men who have sex with men (MSM). That group shows significant differences (p<0.007) in the HIV-positive test with respect to other groups. Despite the availability of rapid detection tests and epidemiological evidence, the way public health services are organized impedes an efficient diagnosis in the group with higher risk, namely MSM. The distribution of rapid HIV tests was guided by stigmatization.
pmid:26395795 fatcat:hkfjt2h32betlpgepwap6gqlzu